JAMB use of English examination summary. Are you preparing for the JAMB UTME examination? Then you must know that the use-of-English language is compulsory for all candidates. This post will explain to you the content of the examination and all you need to prepare for it. It will further give you tips and examples on all the sections of the syllabus.

The JAMB UTME test on the use of the English language is going to be an examination of sixty (60) objective questions. In addition, these questions will be taken from the various section of the Use of English syllabus. Moreover, the examination is going to be for thirty (30) minutes and it’s going to be for 100 marks. The next few paragraphs will x-ray the three (3) main sections of the examination and examples of the parts of the sections.


The comprehension and summary section will contain three (3) main parts and twenty-five (25) questions will come out from these parts. The parts are:

  1. One comprehension passage (5 questions). Questions from the passage will test the candidate’s comprehension of words, phrases, clauses, sentences, figures of speech, and idioms as used in the passage.
  2. One Cloze passage (5 questions). This passage will reflect the various disciplines and should be about 200 words long. An example of a cloze passage is: —- 1 —- other insects which live alone, the honey bee lives as a —- 2 —- of a community. These bees live —- 3 —- in what is known as a bee colony.
  3. One reading text, the life-changer (10 questions).

This section will test the candidate’s ability to identify words and expressions in their ordinary form, figurative and idiomatic contexts, and also determine similar and opposite meanings of words. In addition, it will test their ability to differentiate between correct and incorrect punctuation and spelling. And finally, test their ability to identify various grammatical patterns in use and interpret information conveyed in sentences. It will contain the following parts:

Sentence interpretation (5 questions). Candidates will be required to choose the best interpretation for the bolded expressions.


1. An honest person never plays fast and loose with his friends a. delay tactics b. to be inconsistent c. deceives d. ignores

2. He visits the doctor off and on a. every day b. regularly c. never at all d. occasionally.

3. Okon did not participate in the early morning test because he was under the weather a. feeling slightly ill b. feeling ignored or unattended c. slept outside the house d. beaten by the rain

Antonyms (5 questions). Candidates will be required to choose the options opposite in meaning to the bolded:


1. He received a flattering compliment from Sunita immediately after the speech a. disparagement b. eulogy c. contempt d. notoriety

2. The manager proved utterly capricious in his dealings with his friends a. helpful b. steadfast c. understanding d. obstinate

Synonyms (5 questions). Candidates will be required to choose the options nearest in meaning to the bolded expression.


1. Millionaires become eccentric in their age. a.  irritable b. peculiar c. dull d. misery

2. Success is achieved by the degree to which society is prepared to police itself. a. oppress b. perform c. control d. suppress

3. Let us restate the problematic question. a. repeat b. reward c. perfect d. reprobe

Finally in the lexis and structure section is the sentence completion or the basic grammar.

Sentence completion or basic grammar (10 questions). Candidates will be required to choose from options with correct spellings and punctuation to fit in the sentence.


1. The president’s speech was an attempt to boost citizens’ a. moral b. morale c. morality d. mural

2. Officer Jato was asked to consult an _____ for important information. a. encyclopedia b. encyclopedia c. encyclopaedia e. encylepedia

The final section will be on oral English and it is going to have 10 questions. The heading below will explain further.


Are you a candidate that is finding oral English very difficult? this section will contain ten (10) questions. Candidates will be required to make distinctions between vowels and consonant types. Furthermore, they will be tested on the placement of normal stress on words in an utterance for the purpose of emphasis. The ten (10) questions will be drawn from the following: Vowel (2 questions), consonant (2 questions), Rhymes (2 questions), word stress (2 questions), and emphatic stress (2 questions).

Remember, the JAMB Use of English language is compulsory for all candidates. So candidates are required to seek various ways to understand each of these parts of the sections. And go through previous years’ past questions in other to score high in the use of the English language.

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April 6, 2022

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