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It’s so good to have you here!. If you are watching this video, congratulations on successfully becoming a member of this great forum.  Great to have you join our paid membership group!

As an introduction, I am Andy your administrator on this great forum, so great to meet with you! and I want you to get the best out of this paid Membership group. Also, follow up the tutorial schedule your Forum Moderator will post on your forum. On this media page, you will have access to, videos on each mathematics topic in that schedule. As you watch this video, make sure to follow up every sample shown and finally, do the quizzes at the end of the videos. Submit the answers to the quizzes on your forum which your moderator will see and comment on. then you will have the opportunity to ask questions. Corrections will be made to consolidate your learning.

Furthermore, get the e-book for the relevant Examination you will be sitting for this year and follow up on your learning. As I use to say, “it is by solving Mathematics and trying to solve difficult questions that you learn Mathematics” put in your best in your learning and I promise you, with the additional assistance you be given in this forum, you will excel in your examination.

Finally, I want to wish you the best as you prepare for your Exanimation.

From all of Us in the New Track Mathematics Team, we say have fun!

The Administrator!!


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