New Track Mathematics For UTME/JAMB Series One

With all Sincerity, this is a Great e-book for students preparing for Universal Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME)/JAMB! Incredibly, the first of four Series of e-books written for the benefit of JAMB Students. This e-book is written with JAMB syllabus, contains all the topics covered in the Examination and above all, has UTME Mathematics Past questions. More so the the first of the book series contains the following topics:

  • Indices;
  • Logarithms;
  • Surds;
  • Set Theory;
  • Standard Form;
  • Number Bases etc.

The introduction and keynotes in each of the topics mentioned above will be what is required to get you the basic and on the go knowledge you need to prepare for your examination. Take for example,

Indices: After considering this topic, you will be able to apply the laws of indices (Product, Division, Zero, Power and Negative laws) in solving practical UTME questions. etc.

Moreover there are a lot more you will learn from our practical sample questions. So if you are a Student preparing for JAMB Examination, and anxiously looking for UTME Mathematics Past Questions and Answers, grab the opportunity to make this book your companion in other to get an A+ in JAMB Mathematics.

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