WAEC grading system for all subjects serves as a template for scoring and grading the performance of candidates taking the WAEC examinations. It is used for both the WASSCE and the WAEC (Private) or General Certificate Examination (GCE). This article will explain to all readers the purpose of the grading system, how WAEC scores subjects, and above all how candidates can score A1 or B2 in the examination.

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West Africa Examinations Council (WAEC) is the foremost examination body for some West African countries. It is established by law to carry out the following:

  • determine standard examinations for some Anglophone Countries (Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra-Leone, Liberia, and the Gambia) in West Africa;
  • conduct examinations for high schools and private candidates and also
  • Award certificates that can be compared to those of international examining authorities


The West African Examination Council (WAEC) conducts two different examinations every year. The examinations are:

  • West Africa Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (WASSCE): which is conducted for candidates who are in the final year of senior secondary school, that is SS 3. Only students of the individual schools can enroll for this examination. To register, students should have concluded Senior Secondary one and two. The examination is supervised by the School teachers under the overall supervision of an external invigilator, which is usually sent by WAEC to the school. The WASSCE is usually conducted in May/June of every academic year.
  • WAEC (Private): This exam is popularly known as the General Certificate Examination (GCE). It is usually conducted in the months of November/December of each year. Every Candidate can enroll for this examination. Many Students usually sit for this examination whenever they have a deficit or failed any subject in the May/June WASSCE examination. This is to complement their results since Universities accept results from two sittings of exams conducted by the same body (e.g. WAEC). The next paragraph will show how these two examinations are being graded and scored.


If you are preparing for WAEC (SSCE or GCE), and sitting for this examination for the very first time. Then you must read this article. You might have been wondering how the West African Examination Council scores the various subjects taken in the examination. Wonder No More! Firstly, you need to know that WAEC has a grading system that serves as a marking and scoring template for all subjects. And also, this grading system comprises the following grades: \dpi{100} A_{1},B_{2},B_{3}, C_{4}, C_{5}, C_{6}, D_{7}, E_{8} and \dpi{100} F_{9} \dpi{100} (A_{1}-F_{9}). See the table below for definitions and further explanations of the listed grades.


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A1 1 75 – 100 Excellent
B2 2 70 – 74 Very Good
B3 3 65 – 69 Good
C4 4 60 – 64 Credit
C5 5 55 – 59 Credit
C6 6 50 – 54 Credit
D7 7 45 – 49 Pass
E8 8 40 – 45 Pass
F9 9 00 – 40 Fail

The table above shows the WAEC grading pattern of all subjects in the WAEC examination. You are passive to have performed averagely Good if you score \dpi{100} C_{6} and above in some subjects. These subjects must include Mathematics, English, and any five core subjects related to your class (Sciences, Arts, and Commercials). In our next article, we will give you insightful tips on how to make A’s and B’s in all subjects as you prepare for your examination. Watch Out for that article!

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July 22, 2021

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