How to Calculate Post-UTME Aggregate Score for Admission

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How to calculate post-UTME Aggregate score for Admission. Did you sit for the just concluded UTME examination and score above the minimum cut-off mark? The cut-off mark set by the JAMB committee and your institution of choice? This post will teach you how to calculate the O’level result aggregate and JAMB aggregate score. This essence is to be able to know the aggregate score required to get admission into any tertiary institution of your choice.

Note that in addition to your JAMB score, your O’level result is another criterion for admission into any tertiary institution in Nigeria. This is especially notable for schools that do not conduct the post-UTME screening examination but uses students’ total aggregate (WAEC + JAMB Score) for admission.

Do you want to study in any University, College of Education, or polytechnic in Nigeria?  The University’s course criteria are the first requirements you must meet. This must a time entails that you have credit in five (5) core subjects including Mathematics and English language. Let us have a look at the University’s O’level Aggregate grading system from the table below.

University O’level Aggregate Grading System
WAEC GradeValue PointScore Range
A11075 – 100
B2970 – 74
B3865 – 69
C4760 – 64
C5655 – 59
C6550 – 54
D7045 – 49
E8040 – 44
F900 – 39

As an aspiring student, you are expected not to get any score below a C6 in any five (5) subjects related to your course of study in any tertiary institution within the country. So how do you calculate your aggregate O’level score required for admission? Let us assume that student A is preparing to study Medicine and Surgery at a University in Nigeria. This student is expected to have a credit or above in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English Language. Consider the table below to see how to calculate the O’level Aggregate score for this student. Note how the value point for each grade is applied in the calculation.

O’level Result Aggregate Calculation
O’level SubjectPoint ValueStudentPoint
English LanguageB38

From the table above, the student’s O’level Aggregate score is 42. If this student’s school of choice uses the O’level aggregate score in calculating the total score for admission, this is the total score that will be used for such calculation. This score which will constitute 30% of the total score will be added to the JAMB aggregate score which will be 50% and the post-UTME score of the candidate which should constitute 20% of the total score. Let us now take out time to learn how to calculate the JAMB aggregate score. We are still going to consider student A JAMB score. Student A will be required to sit for the English Language exam, Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics in his JAMB UTME examination. Let us see how this score is calculated from the table below.

How to Calculate JAMB Aggregate Score
JAMB SubjectSubject ScoreStudent Score CalculationStudent Score
English Language6050/60 x 10083
Mathematics4035/40 x 10088
Biology4033/40 x 10083
Chemistry4030/40 x 10075

From the table above, the student’s total score is 329. The aggregate score will be JAMB Score divided by 8. So, therefore, the student JAMB aggregate score will be 329/8 which will be equal to 41.12. Now let us calculate the admission aggregate score for this student considering two scenarios. That the school will be conducting the post-UTME examination and the school not conducting the post-UTME screening examination.

For a school that does only screening interviews and no examination, student A will be assessed based on her O’level result and JAMB UTME examination result. So for Student A studying Medicine and Surgery, the admission aggregate score will be 41.12 + 42 which will be equal to 83.12.

For schools conducting the post-UTME screening examination and considering the student’s O’level results, the admission aggregate score will be 42 + 41.12 + Post UTME exam Score. This will be 83.12 plus the post-UTME score. 

Note that this is only applicable to schools that use students’ O’level results to calculate the admission aggregate score. Some Universities like the University of Benin from research do not really consider O’level grades. So, find out if your tertiary institution of choice uses O’level in calculating the total admission aggregate score.


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