2023 International Mathematical Olympiad Past Questions

2023 International Mathematical Olympiad Past Questions. Do you know that the 2023 IMO examination was hosted by Japan? It will interest you to know that the papers were taken on the 8th and 9th of July in Chiba, Japan. Hence, the six (6) problems in this post, which are the past questions, were submitted by Columbia, Portugal, Malaysia, the Netherlands, the Netherlands, and the USA respectively. 

The IMO is an annual international mathematics competition for high school students. The Mathematics examination consists of a series of challenging mathematical problems. And these problems require creativity, problem-solving skills, and a deep understanding of various mathematical concepts. Furthermore, it is required that each participating country sends a team of its top young mathematicians to compete against teams from other nations.

This post will present the six (6) questions that were given to contestants in the mathematical examination. Hence, subsequent videos which will be dropped on our YouTube channel will present the solutions to each of these questions. So don’t miss out! Subscribe to our YouTube channel New Track Mathematics Videos. Watch a complete series of Olympiad Mathematics Past Question playlists, click HERE to watch.

International Mathematical Olympiad 2023 Past Questions

Are you participating in the 65th IMO examination which will hold in Bath, UK? Then the past questions below which are for the IMO 2023 examination will be a great tool to practice. Practice the questions as you prepare for next year’s examination.

The 64th IMO 2023 examination consists of six (6) problems. Problems 1 to 3 were taken on the 8th of July 2023 for 4 hours 30 minutes and each of the problems is worth 7 points. Problems 4 to 6, were taken on the  9th of July 2023 for the same time duration, and each of the questions is also worth 7 points. The total points for the examination is 42.

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